Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Why should I use 4human employee handbook?

  • Access to important templates 
  • Employees become self serviced 
  • Fewer questions to the management 
  • Automatic juridical updates 
  • Easy to use and accessible on all platforms 
  • All content is written by experts and lawyers 
  • Easy to get an overview of policies and guidelines 
  • Complete and updated information, all in one place 
  • Easy to update and customize to your own company 
  • Interacts and integrates with our learning functionality (LMS) 

What is an employee handbook?

The Employee Handbook from 4human can either be bought in a Norwegian or English version. The handbook is a digital encyclopaedia that help secure good employee policies and is a useful tool in daily management. You’ll get an overview of laws and rules that apply. The Employee Handbook simplifies communication and is a great tool for employees as well as administration and management.

Employees can effortlessly find answers about staff routines as well as personnel benefits, without asking their managers.

Use 4humans Cloud-Based Template

Our consultants have in collaboration with lawyers, created a Template consisting of Corporate text for your company, as well as Law interpretation added to each and every topic in the handbook.

What can I find in 4humans’ employee handbook?

  • Employment 
  • Working Hours 
  • Employee Benefits 
  • Holiday 
  • Leaves of Absence 
  • Pension and Insurance 
  • Salary and other compensations 
  • Termination of employment 

Create your own handbook

You can easily add your own customized handbooks that are tailored to your company. This can for instance be handbooks that organize routines, products, learning or quality assurance.

Our consultants assist with:

  • Mapping internal routines and guidelines 
  • Implementing handbooks into your company 
  • Tailoring content and the handbooks for your company