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Tired of using Excel spreadsheets? Is it hard to keep track of tasks and daily routines? With 4human you can save time on administrative chaos, and focus more on what really matters: People!

4human is a forward-looking cloud-based HR-platform that focuses on effective personnel management. By automating your repetitive administrative processes you simplify the workplace relationships for managers, the HR-department, and most of all: your employees.

Our vision is to be the preferred HR- system for the company, the manager and the employee, in a period where change, internationalization and digitalization characterize modern workplaces.

Why choose 4human?

Manage All Employee Data in One Place

  •  Register relevant information about the company’s employees safely in the Cloud.
  •  Easy upload of personal information, work history, knowledge, and medical certificates.
  •  Full overview of digital employment contracts.
  •  Follow up on monthly performance reviews.
  •  Get a digital overview of the company’s HR and cost structure.

Onboard Your New Employees

  • Assist the new employee and the company with a successful onboarding process.
  • Introduce the new employee to the company.
  • Use checklists to ensure all onboarding tasks are completed.
  • Use LMS and other forms of E-Learning to prepare the new employee.
  • Engage and motivate new arrivals before the employee has its first working day.

Follow Up On Sick Employees

  • Get full overview of workforce absence.
  • Register, investigate and follow up on workplace injuries reported by employees.
  • Enable the employee to apply for vacation and time off, as well as to register sick leave.
  • Define activities of special interest to the company and follow up with appropriate measures.
  • Manage and follow up sick employees with regards to statutory rules and regulations, including digital interaction with the government’s labour and welfare administration and doctors.

Save Time On Administrative Work

  • Build and schedule shift work.
  • Keep track of overtime and flexible work arrangements.
  • Ease the routine for employees and managers to see scheduled work time and planned holidays as well as other workplace absence.
  • Automatically integrate and export hours worked to the payroll system, including information about overtime and different hourly rates.
  • Centrally store company templates, handbooks, and important documents

Easy Master Data Management

  • HR core and master data.
  • Support for multiple employment contracts and work relationships, including change and work history.
  • Payroll master data: salary and bonuses per work relationship, including for employees with multiple employment contracts.
  • Integrate with the payroll system: automatic import and export of payroll data.
  • Support for matrix organization structures and parallel structures.

Effective Integration

  • Single sign-on.
  • Use the same username and password for all the programs and applications.
  • Centralised on- and offboarding: one user interface across all programs and applications.
  • Seamless transition between various programs and applications: makes it easy switch between the different programs and applications.
  • Seamless data stream with HR core: all programs and applications can work with the same set of data.

Get Rich Insights

  • Get informative default reports and statistics on everything on absence (including sick leave and planned vacation), overtime, turnover, workplace injuries and incidents, user accounts and access, appraisal interviews and skills and expertise (including gaps).
  • Integrate 4human with business intelligence programs such as Microsoft’s Power BI for custom made reports and statistics.
  • Use filters to create data rich graphs and infographics.

Simplify The Offboarding Process

  • Assist the employee who is leaving with a successful offboarding process.
  • Use checklists to ensure all offboarding tasks are completed.
  • Gather useful knowledge from employees on the last day at work.
  • Write testimonials and letters of recommendation on a common company template.
  • Use feedback and insights from the employee to reduce future employee turnovers.

Who we are?

At 4human we have one goal:

– We Simplify and Improve

This is what we live for every day at 4human – to simplify and improve the working day for managers and employees with our market-leading digital HCM systems.

Our feature-rich HR solutions helps you to streamline personnel processes, improving follow-up routines, and motivating new employees with a good digital onboardingprocess.

We tailor integrations for you who may need in-house developed integrated solutions. Our digital HR systems can also be integrated with Altinn and Nav.

We put people at the center. Therefore, we reach out to all companies regardless of size and industry. Today, we supply HR systems for: retail, health, education, research, banking, finance, logistics, construction and civil engineering. Over 1.700 companies with more than 350,000 employees use services from 4human.

Tired of using Excel spreadsheets? Is it hard to keep track of tasks and daily routines? With 4human you can save time on administrative chaos, and focus more on what really matters: People!

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